Pinnacle Eco Blasting, Inc. is a mobile sandblasting and powerwashing company.  Serving Houston, Montgomery County, The Woodlands, Lake Conroe and surrounding areas.  We are a mobile sandblasting company.

We are best known for our environmental (eco) friendly fast and efficient technology for surface preparation.We have complete customer satisfaction in mind when we work.

100% Satisfied Customer.

We believe in providing an excellent service at a fair price.  YES!  there are services out there willing to “clean” or “sandblast” at a cut rate-cheap price.  Be careful you get what you pay for in exchange.  Do they have a Certificate of Insurance?  Do they have Workers Comp?  Do they use the proper procedure for intended surface?  WE DO! Because we are a professional service company.

Pinnacle Eco Blasting, Inc. wants you to know

Our wet-abrasive eco technique safely and effectively strips and scrubs any surface completely.  Leaving it ready for your process.   We are known for our work using our advanced eco friendly equipment.  Our number one competitive advantage is (our process) as it helps reduce media waste while cleaning a surface in less time.

Pinnacle Eco Blasting, Inc.  has a step by step process that distinguishes us, making us number one in the industry.

It is our company’s philosophy, to take care of our customers.  Customers say Pinnacle Eco Blasting, Inc.  has customer service that is impeccable and makes doing business with us a pleasure.

We look forward to proving our service is the

“Best of the Best”.

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