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Product / Service Automotive & Industrial

Are you restoring a classic car or removing a logo from your pride and joy race vehicle that is truly a labor of love?  We are sure you do not want that labor of love to last forever.  While you are working on the engine, repairing the brakes, or taking the interior to the next level, a short cut is not possible.

Look to Pinnacle Eco Blasting, Inc. and stop all the old technology and back breaking sanding and grinding.  We can remove paint, primer, body filler, rust and under coating in a fraction of the time.  We are a mobile sandblasting company

Product / Service Marine, Oil & Gas, Industrial, Pipe Yards

Pinnacle Eco Blasting, INc. wants you to know

Our mobile dustless sandblasting equipment safely and effectively strips and scrubs any surface completely.  Leaving it ready for your process.  We are known for our work being as dust free as possible by using our advanced eco friendly equipment.  Our number one competitive advantage is our process helps reduce media waste while cleaning a surface in less time.


Pinnacle Eco Blasting, Inc. offers

Pinnacle Eco Blasting, Inc. offers a step by step process that distinguishes us, making us number one in the industry.  Mobile Sand Blasting.

It is our company philosophy, to take care of our customers.  Our customers say “the customer service is impeccable” and makes doing business with us a pleasure.

What can the team Pinnacle Eco Blasting do?

Dustless Blasting can be used in a wide range of industries and applications. Contact Pinnacle Eco Blasting, Inc. to see what products can be blasted.

  •   Automotive
  •   Refinery
  •   Marine
  •   Surface cleaning
  •   Mine and heavy vehicle equipment
  •   Statue restoration
  •   Exposing aggregate in concrete
  •   Pool restoration
  •   Graffiti removal
  •   Home and buildings brick restoration
  •   Concrete water tank cleaning
  •   Fountain restoration
  •   Rust removal
  •   Antique restoration
  •   Farm equipment restoration
  •   Hard timber cleaning
  •   Motors and parts cleaning
  •   Tar removal

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