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Industrial Sandblasting

Industrial Sandblasting

We Can Sandblast the Following Oilfield and Industrial Equipment

Our team can sandblast, abrasive blast and paint, to the following industrial and oilfield equipment:

  • Heater Treaters
  • Storage Tanks
  • Separators
  • Free Water Knockouts
  • Surface Production Equipment
  • Production Tanks
  • Oil Pipelines
  • Frac/Storage Tanks
  • And More
Marine Sand Blasting

Marine Sand Blasting

Pinnacle Eco Blasting Inc. offers mobile blasting services as an alternative to long labor and harsh stripping. The Dustless Sandblasting process uses a sandblasting media, water, compressed air with the right pressure. Removing barnacles, algae, blisters, and anything that causes drag. Call 936-448-7120